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FV 503 CNC

FV 503 are vertical milling machines with an integrated CNC system Fanuc 0i Mate of Siemens 802 D. The machines are capable of performing high precision, accurate machining of workpieces in three axes at high throughput and with programmable complex operations. FV 503 are equipped with ISO 50 tapered spindles working at up to 4200 rpm. The milling machines are of durable, robust design and are suitable for the machining of stamping tool and dies, allowing high versatility and precision.


ЗММ Металик

ЗММ Металик

Technical specification of FV 401

Technical dataDim.Value
Work table size mm 400x1600
Distance form table top to spindle nose min/max mm 170/630
T-slots pcs. 5
Width of T-slots mm 18
Distance between T-shaped grooves mm 80
Table swivel (left and right) deg. 45
Longitudinal table travel. with manual feed mm 1250
Longitudinal travel of table mm 1230
Cross table travel - manual mm 360
Cross table travel mm 340
Vertical table travel - manual mm 460
Vertical table travel mm 440
Continuous feed
Table feed rate X,Y/Z mm/min 10...1000 / 4-416
 Table rapid traverse X,Y /Z mm/min 2500 / 1040
Spindle nose taper ISO 50
Number of spindle speeds pcs. 12
Range of motor revolutions Min-1 45-2000
Milling head
Vertical milling head rotation deg. 360
Milling head rotation - around 2 axes (option) deg. 360
Motor power kW 4
Feed motor power kW 2.2
Weight kg 3175
Length (A) mm 2755
Height (B) mm 2000
Machine length with arm moved forward ( C) mm 2775
D mm 1230
Width ( E) mm 3590


Standard equipment

Vertical milling head, Automatic lubricating system, Cooling system, Workarea lighting, Electrical equipment 400V 50Hz, Set of tools, Workzone protection