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BS 260 DG

BS 260 DG is a metalworking dual side miter cutting band saw machine manufactured in Bulgaria by ZMM Yakoruda. The miter cut angle is adjusted by a pivot bearing without the need to change the meauring point for the cut-off length and the miter position adjustment is done along a scale. The cut-off length is adjusted by scale and a mechanical support. The material is clamped manually with adjustable clamping jaws to the right and left of the saw band. The machine stops automatically at the end of the cut and does not need to be regulated during the cutting process. The feed is precisely regulated by a hydraulic support cylinder and a regulating valve.


ZMM Yakoruda

ZMM Yakoruda

Technical specification of BS 260 DG

Technical dataDim.Value
Cutting range at 90deg circular profiles mm


Cutting range at 90deg square profiles mm 250x250
Cutting range at 90deg rectangular profiles mm


Cutting range at 45deg circular profiles mm 200
Cutting range at 45deg square profiles mm 200x200
Cutting range at 45deg rectangular profiles mm 200x150
Cutting range at 30deg circular profiles mm 140
Cutting range at 30deg square profiles mm 140x140
Cutting range at 30deg rectangular profiles mm 140x100
Saw frame lifting type manual
Material clamping type manual
Saw band speed m/min 40 (80)
Saw band size mm 3200x27x0.9
Motor power KW 1.1 (1.5 - optional)
Coolant pump KW 0.18
Coolant tank capacity liters 35
Net weight kg 500

Standard equipment

Rubberized wheels. Table tilting from -15° to +20°. Table hard stop from -15° to 0°. Stable bearing guiding of the belt. Aluminum leading fence. Foot brake.

Optional equipment

 Miter fence; Trolley